How to Get a Girl to Take All Her Clothes Off When Yours Are Off Already

How to Get a Girl to Take All Her Clothes Off When Yours Are Off Already

There’s a very simple solution for it. First you did a great thing by just taking your clothes off and being comfortable with it.

I make movie references a lot for sex because they’re common touch stones for a lot of us. If you’ve ever seen the movie “So I Married an Axe-Murderer” with Mike Meyers before he did Austin Powers, there’s a great scene in there. Where he and his date are going to sleep together and it immediately turns into a game of tag, where she tags him and says you’re it. As he runs after her, he pulls down his pants and runs up the stairs. It’s funny, its goofy, it’s perfect.

When you’re with a woman, don’t be afraid to take off your clothes, don’t wait for her to make that move. The move is always on you. Now in this specific scenario, you’re with her, you’ve got her clothes off but she still has the panties on.

First with woman you want to create as much comfort for her when it comes to her sexuality. That means get together at night, turn the lights down low. Have the room ambient and comfortable. Make sure the door is

locked, there are no people out there. You don’t want her to be concerned about anyone finding out or about any insecurity she has.

If you have all that setup and you’ve gotten down to her panties and she won’t take them off, this applies anytime you’re with a woman, if you’re moving things farther along and she resists, soon as you get some form of resistance, stop what you’re doing immediately. Immediately. Do not talk about it. Don’t argue about it. Don’t discuss it. Don’t make it a big deal.

Instead what you do is a trick that we do in dog training. You distract her away from the thing that bothered her. If she wants to protect herself by keeping her panties on, as soon as you get there and you feel that hand on your hand, pull your hand away and go and tickle her, jump up out of bed and sing her a song. Give her a lap dance. Do something to totally break the tension and change her mood. You need to change her mood immediately. As soon as she thinks I need to protect myself from this happening, she’s going to focus on that.

Now here’s another perspective to have on this. You do want to be able to sleep together as soon as you can comfortably, because it’s more fun and it makes you more comfortable with each other. But don’t be in a rush for the finish line. Do not place having sex with her over the priority of enjoying each other and being comfortable with each other. You do not get any extra credit for sleeping with her faster. You don’t get any credit for breaking a speed record. There is no-one who has any business judging you, if it takes a certain amount of time for you and a woman to sleep together. There are all different situations and hers may be different.

In this situation where the panties stay on, work with that, don’t try to take them off. Slide your hand over her panties. If you try to slide them under and she stops you there, slide your hands over. Panties are made of very nice material, you can stimulate her clit very easily with her panties on.

Panties also slide to the side very easily. Here’s a real great trick for sex, panties don’t need to come off. Leave them on, let her get turned on and take your time.

And while she’s resisting this, remember this also, part of seduction is letting her turn you on. If she’s resisting having you please her, let her please you. Take her hand and put it on your cock. Move it up and down, move it in a way that feels good to you, so that you’re basically showing her. Tell her, “it’s so sexy when you go down on me.” Encourage her to do something to please you.

There are a lot of woman who are more comfortable giving pleasure than receiving it, especially early on in a relationship. Whatever happens, don’t be in a rush to break down this last line of defence. As a matter of fact if you’re using that phrase ‘last line of defence’ that’s a problem already. This isn’t football, you’re not trying to cross the goal line. The point is to enjoy her, to take your time and build up to where sex becomes inevitable, not a conquest.

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