Honest Review of: 43 Texts That Guarantee Sex by PUA Training

43 Texts That Guarantee Sex


Overall Rating: 8.7
Effectiveness: 9.2
Ease of Implementation: 8.8
Innovativeness: 8.4
Packaging/ Customer Service: 8.3
Value for Money: 9.2


  • Author: Richard Gambler
  • Publisher: PUA Training
  • Learning Format: eBooks & Videos
  • Official Website:  http://www.43texts.com/


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By David Kretzmer

From time to time a product comes around that knocks the dating/ seduction community off it’s feet. These products are rare and far between, and only come around every few years. It’s not just by chance that these products have the impact they do, it’s because some quality authors put years of research into their products before they release them. 43 Texts is one of those products.

43 Texts That Guarantee Sex is PUA Training’s first ‘texting and phone guide’, and boy am I sure they waited!

Many men have problems when they get a girl’s phone number, but they struggle to utilize it to get a second date and turn that phone number into sex. Richard Gambler’s program bridges the gap between meeting for the first time, and sex.

The system provides 43 texts that act as a basis for your entire text-game – And they’re brilliant. These texts are moldable, adaptable texts that can be used in any and all situations to build attraction and desire.

The way PUA Training uses texting as a system is quite brilliant, as when you meet the girl again they’re already highly attracted to you, the bitch defenses are gone and they’re already ready to sleep with you. The 43 Texts system literally take the guess work and hard work out of dating.

Richard Gambler announced the program today, on the 4th of October. It is set to be released on the 8th October. Due to limited registration (1000 members) and lots of people trying to get their hands on it (700 000 apparently) it sold out quite quickly. It is now (as at the time of writing this) available again to a very limited number of people.


43 Texts That Guarantee Sex
43 texts “recipe book” cheat sheet ebook
$24.95 FREE – BONUS

Advanced Bonus Training Videos

$54.95 FREE – BONUS

(*Bonuses only applicable when purchased through link below)



Here’s the link for 43 Texts for $97.00 + 2 bonuses:







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