Honest Review of: The Desire System by David Tian

Desire System Review


Overall Rating: 9.1
Effectiveness: 9.6
Ease of Implementation: 7.1
Innovativeness: 8.2
Packaging/ Customer Service: 7.8
Value for Money: 10.0
  • Author: David Tian
  • Publisher: The Social Man
  • Learning Format: Videos
  • Official Website: http://desiresystem.com/


by: Steve Kelmer

The following review of the Desire System and The Lust System by David Tian, comes from a customer who has spent the last 3 months invested in the program.

Allot of people have been asking if The Desire System is a scam? Usually I’d recommend David Tian’s programs to anyone looking to up their game and get better with women, But this book may not be for everyone, let me tell you why…

Many men complain that they get nervous when they even think about talking to beautiful women. They’ll see a babe who catches their attention out the corner of their eye, and almost immediately their throat will clog up, their palms will get sweaty, they’ll loose their “cool”. They’ll stand their and wish for an opening line – But nothing will come. And if something does, and they do manage to approach her – No matter how well it’s going they’ll soon run out of things to say. And the interaction will blow up like a bomb.

The Desire System helped me in 3 major ways:

  1. It helped me learn how to approach any women I want, and have her attracted from the very start of the interaction.
  2. It taught me the fundamentals of desire, attraction and seduction and helped me implement core level change. I don’t just act attractive any more – I am attractive. I am desirable.
  3. It helped me learn how to speak desirably, so much so that I can turn a women on over the phone.

The techniques in this program are not just short term “tricks” to make you act like a pimp in a club for one night, like some may think, but rather very effective strategies to create identity level change that turns you into the attractive and desirable man that you’re meant to be. And once you learn the basic principles, it works.

Why isn’t it for everyone? Well, this program is intensive. If you;re not ready to make a full and proper commitment to changing your life, and would rather put in half effort and see small results – Then don’t get this system. This system includes hours of intensive training videos and coaching calls. I only recommend The Desire System for men who are seriously committed to making these changes.



  • Effective at any skill level: teaches you from the basics all the way to mastery.
  • Doesn’t only focus on the external, but too focuses on inner-game and making effective long term changes to make you into a desirable man at your core.
  • The system is very involved and personally trains you at each level of your journey. This helps you get over sticking points and problems much faster than any other program on the market right now. Infact…
  • I believe this program is the most effective in taking any man from chump to hero. Because the program is so involved, your learning curve is way steeper. You will find yourself making huge improvements very fast with The Desire System.


  • The Desire System is very involved, and so for people without enough time or who are unwilling to invest the neccassary time into getting the results they desire, they will not be able to keep up with the system. Again I must stress – This system is not some fly-by-night pick up guide, it is only for those people serious about creating identity level change so you can get the women you desire forever. It is focused on making the fundamental change into being the attractive man you’re meant to be.



  • Desire Part 1: The Way of The Rake
    • The Emotional Activation system is grounded in science, but can claim a legendary roster of seducers throughout history. It’s the natural Way of the Rake.
  • Desire Part 2: The Science of Seduction
    • How do you make her feel the way you feel? Incredible new breakthroughs in science of psychology will unlock the power of your natural, positive, seductive emotions.
  • Desire Part 3: Training Your Mind
    • Activating her emotions by tuning into your own, and oin this section, you’ll learn to supercharge the positive, attractive, girl-getting emotions that are already inside you.
  • Desire Part 4: Activating Her Emotions
    • It only takes three steps to get to Desire, and when you follow the Emotional Activation System, you’ll awaken a woman’s passionate spirit like no other man can do.
  •  Lust Part 1: How The System Works
    • There are only 3 steps you need to get right to have any kind of relationship you want with a woman. In this section you’ll learn the quickest path to getting an abundance of women.
  • Lust Part 2: Heart-Stopping Opening
    • Starting a conversation doesn’t have to be hard. As a matter of fact, David Tian is going to show you the stress-free way to make a perfect first-impression on a girl… with just a few simple words.
  • Lust Part 3: Sexual Vibing
    • There’s a secret to ‘hijacking’ the dominant emotions of a woman, and when you use it, she’ll feel like she’s known you for yours. In this section David Tian reveals how to create deep, lust-driven connections.
  • Lust Part 4: Sexual Escalation
    • This is about becoming a master of her secual fantasies and her deepest desires. After this section, you’ll have the power to control sexual tension like a puppeteer controls a puppet.
  • Bones: Closing Tactics
    • Is David Tian crossing the line here? In this special bonus, you’ll hear some of his most clever… and some woulds say, devious… tactics for sealing the deal with women.
  • Bonus Private Q&A
    • What if you feel like nervousness is still invading your body? What if you feel like you’re just not good enough for girls you like? David Tian has the answers.
  • Bonus: Lust-Worthy Sex
    • In Christian’s special addition to Desire and Lust, he reveals all of his best secrets and techniques for being one of the most amazing lovers she’s ever had.


Way of The Rake
$24.95 FREE – BONUS
Bonus Programs
$54.95 FREE – BONUS

(*Bonuses only applicable when purchased through link below)



Here’s the link for Desire System for $67.00 + 2 bonuses:







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2 thoughts on “Honest Review of: The Desire System by David Tian

  1. So does this program really ship you tapes and cds when you buy it or is it an ebook??? On the webpage it looks like you’re getting a huge box of stuff. lol!

    • No – When you purchase the program, you’re given login access to a member’s only site, where all the Desire videos, the Lust videos and The Way of The Rake videos are available to stream or for downloads. There is also a private forum where you can ask the coaches questions, get feedback and track your progress.

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