Honest Review of Pandora’s Box By Vin Dicarlo

Pandoras Box
By Vin Dicarlo
a review by Regine

Hello guys! this is my review for Pandora’s Box by Vin Dicarlo. You can get it here.
I expected a lot about this product (I really think there is too much fluff in the majority of the community products, so this one, by his title, looked promising) Let’s see what’s in it!

I watched Vin Dicarlo and his No Flakes Seminar a while ago, and I must admit : I’m using it a bit right now… He & his team looked pretty cool and by cool I mean, normal well connected guy, going to the essential, not giving crap theory about how to seduce women anytime anywhere.

His latest product, Pandora’s Box is a program divided in 3 parts :

- 1) the Foundations delivered on 4 CDS

- 2) the Class Room that goes deeper delivered in video through the web (13 parts)

- 3) the bonus: a 5 hours conference call about S_Cubed (his older program) that is the perfect companion to the Pandora’s Box and 2 cds named “Vin’s Jewels”, that are a compilation of good conference calls.


The Foundation part is a simple presentation of Vin’s model of sexual interaction and part of his Pandora’s Box system. In a nutshell, it’s Vision, Compliance, Shaping and Sexual Tension.

Vision is your life project, your goal, what you want to become. It’s the basis of everything because without this big plan, you have no drive in life, no focus point except in women, that is terribly unattractive.

Vision is a tool to have a strong identity. When you know what you want in life, you know who you are, you have Values, and you stick to them. Vin calls it Vision but it’s really more about a Passion and a set of clear Values.
Your big passion that will make you grow and evolve as a real person, and that will allow women to be a part of your life. Really true… Passionate men are the best, because they’re enthusiastic!

After Vision comes Compliance : a technical term that says : make women do things for you, so they can feel more invested in you. The rule being, the more you invest, the more you’ll want results.
Compliance is a direct consequence of the Vision theory. If you don’t have a clear and strong identity,  you have no real Value, so no one will accept to do things for you. I think the appropriate, maybe more feminist term, would be “participation” instead of Compliance. One thing you need to understand guys, is when we’re attracted by you, we will help you!

They give a example of a small compliance : asking women to order a drink of water (free drink) to the bartender.
By the way, it’s a good opener. Cheap but original, because you ask us to do a little thing for you, and it’s a good transition to normal conversation, especially if you have a funny story to explain this glass of water…
If you’re a cool guy, this glass of water is a paradox in your personality, and we will be more tempted to dig into that…
The more effective part of this CD is when they explain that women love to talk about themselves…
Ahaha, women love to talk..?! I’m sure you all knew that already but here, they insist on the total freedom of the talk. “Your job, is to make easier this talk” Vin’s says, and I think he’s right. A good relationship won’t grow if the woman can’t really express herself. When there is no judgment, we don’t need to hide ourselves. And when we feel free, that’s incredible! Because we can be pretty messed up sometimes…

The third basic concept is Shaping, another technical term to say : shape the behavior of the women, so she will comply more. This is objectively an interesting concept because when we want to know more about you, we are pretty malleable. If we are very attracted, we can even do things for you, you have no idea!
But if we’re not attracted, this won’t work, I guarantee! Except if the girl has no personality, or is young or still in her exploration phase of her sexuality…

Last but not least, CD number 4, Sexual Escalation, the core of the program. And here, I was not disappointed because I clearly do agree with Vin.
His theory is simple : real men know how to handle sexual tension. When they have a strong identity (Vision), they’re valuable and they can ask legitimate Compliance. If the girl does not comply enough, the guy will shape her, because his frame & set of values are bigger than hers. And then, as a consequence, he will be able to create sexual tension (meaning, moments where you can move but you don’t!), so he’ll be able to do an effective sexual escalation later (and win our hearts….)

Sexual Tension is great because it shows you’re a leader. Because you’re playing with our emotions, you keep us in an uncertainty. You’re writing a good seducing story…. A story we will tell our friends about, and that will make us proud of you… ☺
Sexual Tension is really well explained here and I’ll hope all the guys will listen it, because escalating and escalating more, as a lot of supposed gurus tell you to do, is not that great…
As girls, we prefer to play a bit. We want to be in a journey with you, and get some emotions before going to the bedroom. Plus sexual tension is a way to be romantic… Because knowing you can move but deliberately don’t move, is an effective way to turn us on. It shows respect. It shows confidence. It shows you can be slow. So it shows you can be deep… Brilliant!

(You can click here to go to the Pandora’s Box websites and do the free quiz to see how strong your foundations are)


After the 4 CDs, the 13 parts seminar will go more into those concepts. Each part is supposed to be learnt during a week, so 13 parts means 13 weeks to improve. The videos are not too long: between 10 et 20 minutes max.
One of my frustration is that Vin explains well the theory, but don’t give a lot of lines. He doesn’t tell you exactly what to do. I guess it’s better for the imagination, but sometimes, it’s also cool to hear the words and see the moves. And no move at all on those 13 videos… Too bad…

Again, week 9 and week 10 are the best, imo. The titles: “Sexual Tension” and “Advanced Sexual Tension” say it all…
Here, Vin explains the sexual innuendos, and give some examples: “Can you fit it in your mouth or is it too big…?” or “Wow, it feels good when it goes in”. The key: talking about a non sexual subject with a sexy tone of voice… Pretty cool, hum..? ☺


As a bonus, the S_cubed conference call was really pleasant to hear.
It’s not Vin here but Brian, another instructor that explains the old DSP, with other words. So really, really good for a better understanding of the whole system.
Brian explains the 4 concepts from his own experience, and it’s easy to relate to him. So even, if it’s almost the same things, just because another person explains the concepts, gives another dimension. So listen to it!

One last word about the bonus called the “Graduation Gift” or the “How to become a Sexual object” included in Week 13.
The title is weird because it doesn’t really talk about that, but more about visualization exercises. A third instructor: Matt, explains during 1 hour, how he trains himself with visualization.
At first, I didn’t believe at all but I must confess, I’ve done the exercises and they’re really good, especially to reconnect with your body, emotions, and Vision… I tested it several times with some friends, and they we’re pretty pleased. And even sometimes, horny…

So go for it ! It’s fair game!

Hope my review helped.
This is a good program, especially for guys that may have issues with their sexuality and confidence…
Keep the fight! I’m sure better men will make better women !


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