How to Fix Your Posture & Why it is Essential to Get Beautiful Women

The Importance of Good Posture

Those that read Neil Strauss’ The Game may remember his venture in The Alexander technique and techniques into fixing his posture. While the Alexander technique often has people looking like robots, perfect posture is undeniably one of the most overlooked yet most important aspect of fixing your appearance and confidence, and becoming more attractive. Bad posture expresses low self esteem, and that’s the last thing a woman wants.

Here are some of the benefits of healthy posture (this list is mind blowing):


  • Increased Attractiveness to Women

Healthy posture is extremely attractive to women as tall, open body language expresses attractive qualities such as confidence and fearlessness. You know you are the leader of men, so you are not afraid to stand up tall and strong. It also makes you look thinner and healthier which are huge attraction points.


  • Increased Confidence

Not only is a healthy posture perceived as confident and attractive by others, but studies have shown that due to the positive reactionary cycle it creates in interaction with people, and it’s positive effects on self image, healthy posture will actually tangibly increase a person’s confidence.


  • Improve Vocal Tonality

As healthy posture allows you to breath fully and smoothly, you will find yourself developing a smoother, deeper voice and even talking more clearly and loudly. What women doesn’t love a sexy voice?


  • Health Benefits

Proper posture will relieve back and neck pain, protect your joints, help you breathe better, relax your muscles, engage your abdominals, help build core strength, prevent future spinal problems, and give you more efficient body mechanics.


Here are some techniques and exercises that if given commitment will start showing massive results in less than a weak:


Find Your Perfect Posture Excercise

Stand infront of a mirror with your arms relaxed at your sides.. Now stand on your tip toes as high as you can, and while raised, keeping your arms straight, clasp your hands atop your head (interlock fingers). Now while minting that posture drop your arms and return to regular standing position. This is your perfect posture.


Imaginary String on Head Correction

At any time during the day, to fix your posture, imagine there is a string attatched to the middle of your head pulling it up towards the sky and lift your head up accordingly. Pull a  piece of hair there to see what this feels like.


Sitting Technique

When sitting, always sit with your ass towards the edge of the chair, and with your knees at a lower level than your ass (your feet will have to rest further back than your ass. Feel how much easier it is to sit up straight like. Remember this when sitting at your computer or at work!


Stick Ups

Stand with your back against a wall with your knees slightly bent and your feet approximately half a meter infront of you. Put the back of your hands at head height against the wall (In a “this is a stick up” position) Now, while holding this position and keeping the back of your head against the wall, slowly raise your hands up and bring them back down. Do 2 x 10 (Watch Video Here)


Bum Raises

Lie flat back down on the floor with your feet on the floor and your knees up, keep your hands behind your head. Now slowly lift your ass towards the air (in a humping motion) making sure you tighten your abs and ass as you lift. Hold for 3 seconds. Do 3 x 10. (Watch Video Here)


Leg Stretch

Allot of tightness in the back comes from stiff leg muscles (which affect back muscles). Stand up straight, then while bending at the hips, keep your legs straight and try touch your toes. Do 2 x 30 seconds. (Watch video here)


Core Strength Excercise

Strengthening your core will automatically help you keep your body erect by strengthening the muscles you need to do so. Lie face down on the floor, now while keeping your body absolutely straight from head to toe (like a plank) balance on your elbows and toes. Tighten your abs as you hold this pose. Do this exercise once till fail, start with 30 seconds as a goal and increase this up to 2 minutes and beyond as you get stronger. (Watch Video here)



Stay strong, stay committed.


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