The Sex God Method by Daniel Rose: Notes

This is an excellent primer on great sex, and though this was a merely a refresher of nearly everything I’ve personally learned about great sex over the years, I learned a couple new things that I’m going to have fun with soon, and definitely wish I had read this when I was younger and less experienced. Would have definitely shortened my learning curve.

Thanks go to toniy for recommending this.

Without further ado…


Sex God Method by Daniel Rose Notes

If you remember nothing else from these notes, remember and apply the four elements of DEVI in your sex life.

DEVI = Dominance, Emotion, Variety, Immersion


Dominance is a mentality. You must internalize the beliefs that as a male you are inherently dominant, and as a female she is inherently submissive. This is both right and natural.

Increase dominance with:

  • Manhandling
  • Door/Wall slamming
  • Spanking (Being a former wrestler, I’ve also found that pinning and/or tickling a woman works quite well)
  • Dirty talk – Tip: Personalize it.



  • The most effective way to demonstrate value is through sex; all other ways pale in comparison.
  • Do not give away the value of great sex for free.
  • Voice how strongly you feel towards her.
  • Allow her to unleash her most powerful and raw emotions with you.
  • The rules of logic do not apply to bedroom talk. Emotion reigns supreme. Never talk logically during sex. Transition how and when you want to.
  • It does not matter what kind of emotions the girl is feeling during sex, only how intense they are.
  • Bring her to the edge of what she wants, then deny her it. Do this until she reaches a breaking point, then give it to her full and hard.
  • Tease for as long as you can, but feel her body to know her threshold. Too much is counter-productive.
  • Comedy gold: Fuck in a church. The Christian religion has labored for centuries to attach guilt to the sex act; you can profit from all of their efforts.
  • Pages 76-79 are hilarious.



  • Sexual Archetypes: Become a Sexual Beast (master of Dominance), a Passionate Lover (master of Emotion), and a Tantric Master (master of immersion). With these three, become the Shapeshifter (master of fluidly flowing from one archetype to the next).
  •  The Shapeshifter learns to embody all of these archetypes at different times, and even at the same time.
  •  The psychological is more important than the physical.
  • Never make sex predictable.
  •  There are endless possibilities for physical variety. Be creative. Routine is the enemy.
  • Shift psychologically in various time frames. Sometimes, change only once every few weeks. Other times, change the archetype you embody every few seconds, or combine them. Again, be creative, but always be real. Be you.
  • Predictability is the root of all boredom. As the man, you must lead her out of both.


  •  (It seems that what he calls Immersion is nothing more than the Zen concept of no-mind. Learning to release will help well with achieving this state. Reading The Power Of Now, The Abundance Course, and The Sedona Method will allow you to get to this same state)
  • All thoughts in bed are manifestations of insecurities.
  • Positive thoughts are equally as destructive as negative thoughts. Follow your body, not your thoughts.
  • Telling yourself that you are “the sex master” while you fuck is just as ridiculous as telling yourself that while you’re eating cereal that you are “the cereal master”.
  • Aim for Immersion, the absence of thought.
  • Never plan how you’re going to please her, where you’re going to move her, or how you’re going to fuck her. Simply do. Or do not. Stop thinking.
  • Physical technique is only the icing on the cake to sex. The actual cake is knowing the psychology of a great fuck.
  • Understanding DEVI goes a long way towards reducing thought. Instead of thinking long thoughts like “Okay, it’s time to turn her over and spank her, talk dirty to her, then shove my cock in her mouth.”, simply think “Dominance” and follow your body.
  • Meditate to improve your Immersion (to help with this, study Adyashanti or Eckhart Tolle). Later on, sex itself will be its own meditation. Sex can eventually become your best form of meditation.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes per day, every day. There is no excuse not to do this.
  • You will learn, over time, to be clear of all thought even while fucking and talking dirty to her.
  •  Always take deep, full breaths to release physical tension.
  • In the bedroom, focus on your own relaxation over your own arousal.
  • If you can masturbate just fine, but have trouble getting it up or keeping it up with a naked girl in front of you, arousal is not the problem, immersion is.
  • Being more present, more immersed, and more relaxed will solve many of the physical performance issues that plague men.


Eliminate the following limiting beliefs:

  1. My penis is too small – Recognize that your insecurities are the cause of your sexual shortcomings, not your size. It is more Dominant to be fucked by a large cock than a small one, but the amount of Dominance created by a large cock (physically) is trivial compared to the Dominance you can create in other ways (psychologically). The author’s cock is 5.5 inches, and he has no regrets or complaints.
  2. Women don’t want dominance -Bullshit. Period. Read Nancy Friday’s “The Secret Garden” for more on this, or just simply notice how women respond to Dominance in real life. Once you have seen the full power of Dominance, you will see feminist rhetoric for what it is: Empty verbiage which is marginally true outside of the bedroom and totally false inside of the bedroom. Even the most proper and platonic looking women are sluts yearning to be fucked on the inside.
  3. Sex is morally wrong – Great sex will enhance a woman’s emotional well-being enormously, while the absence of it will cause misery and psychological damage. You must rid yourself of the shackles of guilt forged by your social conditioning.
  4.  I’m too set in my ways. I am what I am in bed, and I can’t change. Believe that you are a man who can achieve sexual mastery.
  5. Women don’t like emotional guys -Women are not turned off by guys who are emotional. They are only turned off by guys who are emotional but not dominant.
  6.  Women don’t want sex - What women really want is the satisfaction the only incredible sexual experiences can give them. Sex is intensely more pleasurable for women than for men.


More Tips:

  • Generally with a girl you have not had sex with before, do twice as much foreplay as you would for a girlfriend.
  • Sex should always be something that you both want to do, never something you have to do.
  • Never be fazed by anything a woman says.
  • Always keep a sense of humor, and never take yourself too seriously, especially in bed.
  • Have sex with your girlfriend when you are both very tired, as you’re about to fall asleep. Stay inside of her as you both fall asleep.
  • Also have sex when you are both very tired but are just waking up. Again, move slowly and sensually. The goal is neither orgasm nor to wake the two of you up, simply to enjoy the experience.


The Role Of Physical Stimulation

  • With physical stimulation, you should aim for competency. With psychological stimulation, you should aim for mastery.
  • Women don’t fantasize about getting fingered. They fantasize about getting fucked.
  • If you cannot fuck well, no amount of fingering or oral sex will ever make up for that.
  • On the most primal of levels, a woman doesn’t want you for your fingers or your tongue. She wants you for your mind and your cock.
  • Vaginal orgasms > Clitoral orgasms.
  • Fucking > Oral sex > Fingering
  •  While there are some natural superstars at giving blowjobs out there, most women are not good at them.
  • With training, any girl can learn to give head like a porn star.


Things to tell her to do to Give Better Blowjobs:

  1. Use a lot of saliva
  2. Never let your teeth touch my cock
  3. Make eye contact
  • Talk dirty to your girl while she’s blowing you.
  • Make your girlfriend read, or teach her about, pages 129-135
  • Teaching your girlfriend to get you off with only her mouth and throat can take weeks, if not months, of practice.
  • Most women will have to be trained to learn how to deep throat. It’s not something most pick up naturally.
  • Wet branded lubricant, especially kiwi strawberry and cinnamon, are excellent blowjob lubricants.


Troubleshooting Lack Of Stamina And Weak Erections

  •  If you’re a healthy man under the age of 50, both of these problems are caused by succumbing to fight or flight responses. In other words, fear.
  • The solution to these problems is not to get mentally pulled out of the sexual experience, but rather to improve your immersion.


Quick ways to improve Immersion:

  1. Focus on relaxation over arousal
  2. Be conscious of your breathing
  3. Slow down
  4. Be conscious of the tension in your body.
  5. Eliminate all conscious thought.
  6. Do not just try harder to get an erection or prevent ejaculation
  7. Use more foreplay
  8. Don’t try to be perfect
  9. Develop oral and manual skills as a backup
  • If you’re having stamina problems, use a thicker condom. If you’re having erectile problems, use a thinner condom.
  • Continuous physical stimulation is the best physical method of bringing a woman to orgasm, but you also want to supply her with a continuous flow of psychological stimulation.


Change sexual positions to:

  1. Manage your erection/stamina
  2. When she’s about to cum to a position that will make her come more intensely
  3. When you want to add Dominance (i.e. doggy style)
  4. When you want to add Emotion (i.e. face to face)
  5. To preserve Immersion (if a position has become too painful for her or you)
  6. To add Variety


When She Cums:

  • To make an orgasm more Dominant, command your woman to cum for you.
  • Something amazing to do with your girlfriend is to make her look into your eyes as she cums. Force her to look at you in the eye when she’s cumming, and only fuck her when she complies.
  • To help give a woman multiple orgasms while fucking, roll right from one orgasm to the next. Keeping fucking her, and hold back your own orgasm until she’s had a few of them, or a continuous one.


When You Cum

  • Your focus during your orgasms should be on making it better for you.


A few ways to increase pleasure during orgasm are:

  1. Have her play with your anus with a single finger without inserting it.
  2. Use your PC muscles
  3. Relax and clear your mind as much as possible
  4. Look into her eyes as you cum.
  5. Usually, tell your woman when you’re about to cum and encourage her to do the same.
  6. The best way to cum on your woman is to hold your cock at a 45 degree angle as you ejaculate. Don’t memorize the angle, just slightly point your cock up.


The Continuous Orgasm State

  • The highest level of sexual mastery.
  •  The best answer a woman can give you when you ask her “how many times did you cum?” is “I don’t know…”
  •  The way to give a woman multiple vaginal orgasms with no let-up is to provide perfect physical and psychological stimulation.
  •  Prerequisite: she must be highly conditioned to be submissive to you.
  •  It must be very emotional sex.
  •  “Every girl who has achieved the Continuously Orgasmic State with me has been in love with me, without exception.”
  •  Dominance, Emotion, and Immersion are all extremely critical to pull this off. This type of orgasm in and of itself will provide Variety.
  •  Intercourse is the only way to achieve this.
  •  Foreplay orgasms can help warm her up before you start fucking her for 30-40 minutes nonstop.


The Bedroom Mentality

  • You should view sex as a gift that you give her.
  • In the bedroom, lead.
  • Always be open-minded and nonjudgmental.
  •  You should admire, not condemn, sexual openness.
  • Make it clear that you are uninhibited with your desires, and welcome her to be the same.
  • A sexual master never makes any moral judgments on any sexual behavior.
  • You should be willing to try anything in bed.
  • You must be able to allow her to tell you about her best past sexual experiences without a hint of jealousy.
  • Sex must be all about the experience, not the ego boost you obtain from it.
  • Less is more when it comes to talking about sex with others. Be discreet.



  • Spontaneity improves all four elements of DEVI simultaneously.


Building Open Relationships

  •  Great sex is mandatory if you want to have multiple girlfriends at the same time.
  •  You must make the girl work for the relationship. Hard.
  •  There is only one good time to have relationship talk: After sex.
  • A post-orgasmic woman is completely emotionally incapable of manipulation tactics.
  • (The author advocates deception and minor lies to achieve his ends. Not my style, but to each their own)


Deep Conversion in a relationship is characterized by the following:

  • The girl is working much harder for you than you are for her.
  • She stops seeing other guys, even though she knows that you aren’t exclusive to her.
  • She calls/texts you much more than you contact her.
  • She tells you about how other guys were hitting on her, attempting to make you jealous and to impress you with how much she is desired.
  • You can sense that she’s trying to hold back her interest or “game you” in order not to appear desperate.
  • She feels a sense of loss when she’s not around you.
  • She can achieve the Continuous Orgasmic State.
  • She cannot hold herself back any longer and tells you that she loves you.


Eventually, when you want to settle down into an exclusive relationship with one of your girls, it will be stronger because of the months or years of having an open relationship that proceeded it. She had to work hard for the exclusivity, so she’ll value it more.

If you want an exclusive relationship or marriage, have an open relationship with the girl first in order to make her more loyal to you.


Improve Your Testosterone Levels And Sex Drive

  •  Diet. Heavily processed foods, alcohol, and drugs all decrease testosterone. Avoid soy. Consume animal meat.
  • Never allow yourself to be hungry.
  • Use big lifts. Deadlifts, Squats, Pullups, Presses, etc.
  • Taking up a combat sport will also increase your testosterone quickly.
  • Risks. Take lots of them.
  •  Always value the high-risk, high reward path; always disdain the path of safety.
  • Sex. Have lots of it. Ideally, daily.


Finding The Right Girl

  • Choose girls that are uninhibited. It is much easier to correct poor sexual technique than negative beliefs about sex.

Things to look for in a long-term girlfriend:

  1. Open-minded
  2. Eager to please
  3. High sex drive
  4. Must not have deep-set insecurities or limiting beliefs (or, must be truly willing to release them)


  •  Wear condoms and avoid anal sex with girls you don’t trust.
  • To achieve sexual mastery, you must have some girls that you trust enough to have unprotected sex with.
  • Never fear to take intelligent risks in life.



  • Beginner Dominance Fantasy: Exhibitionist
  • Intermediate Dominance Fantasy: Father/Daughter
  • Expert Dominance Fantasy: Forced Sex/Rape
  •  Beginner Emotional Fantasy: Virgin
  • Intermediate Emotional Fantasy: Threesome
  • Expert Emotional Fantasy: Pregnancy
  •  Beginner Immersion Fantasy: One Soul
  • Intermediate Immersion Fantasy: Dream
  • Expert Immersion Fantasy: Hypnosis

Create your own fantasies. Uncover hers by asking her about what hers are after sex, and remain nonjudgmental. Then, act out both your and her deepest fantasies.

Final Words

When you become a Sex God, the world is yours for the taking.


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